Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Camp Chickawah?
The camp closed after the final summer of 1985. The Steinbergs continued to own the property until 1998, when Camp Fernwood Cove was established under new ownership. Camp Fernwood Cove operates as a girls camp with two four week sessions. It is now owned and operated by Jim and Beigette Gill.

Where are Moe & Betty?
They are still at the same address that you remember, in Carle Place, NY. Both Moe & Betty attended our reunions in Maine in 2007 and 2009.

Where are Mickey & Susan?
Mickey and Susan currently reside in Houston, Texas, where Mickey is Upper School Principal of the Kinkaid School.

How can I support the website?
You can become a “Chickawah Booster” by clicking HERE . All money that is donated goes toward the site for things like hosting fees and design work. This is completely optional, and there is no obligation.

Who is the main contact for the website?
The Alumni Coordinator is Jeff Grant, who has actively kept up the site since it was created. He is a former Chickawah camper and CIT (1976-1983), who was a winning Tribe captain, a not-so-winning Blue & Gray captain, editor of the Chickawah Chirps and proud wearer of a seven year jacket. Jeff works closely with Raven Shine (formerly known as Amy Steinberg) and Jane Ehlers (Moe & Betty’s daughters), who originally designed this magnificent site and are owners of the URL. Jeff’s email address is at the bottom of each page on the website.

Is there regular communication to the alumni base?
We try to send an email about once per Quarter, with more frequent emails leading up to reunion time.

Does it cost anything to be a part of the alumni base?

What happens to my personal information if I offer it to the alumni database?
We keep all addresses, email addresses and phone numbers off site (currently, until we find a safe, secure way to make them available online). When new alumni approach us, we have them fill out a contact information form, which is on the Survey Monkey platform. The link for Survey Monkey is emailed separately to each individual. The data is not given to anyone outside of the alumni base. The data is not sold or given to any other organization or company, for purposes of marketing or otherwise. Our goal is to keep our alumni happy with this experience.

When is the next official reunion?
We have had reunions in August 2007 and August 2009. At the last reunion, the consensus was to do it again in August 2011, but the date has not yet been confirmed. The Reunion Committee will have to meet and agree on the final date.

Who is on the Reunion Committee?
The Reunion Committee consists of Matthew Pace, Alan Swimmer, Howie Simon, Stephen Lerner, Bill Solomon and Jeff Grant.

What happens at the official reunion?
The offical reunions have taken place in Harrison, ME, on the former Camp Chickawah campus (now Camp Fernwood Cove for Girls). At the past reunions, we have held either Tribal games or Blue and Gray. We have done the following activities: softball, basketball, boxball, tennis, volleyball, swimming, waterskiing, sailing, canoeing, Frisbee golf, poker, rocketry, song night, Tribal Bowl, campfire & campfire games. The reunion is fully catered. We are able to accommodate special dietary requests. We sleep in the bunks, so you need to bring your own sleeping bag, pillow and/or bed linens. There is no electricity in any of the bunks. We hire counselors from Fernwood Cove to help run the activities and keep us stocked with snacks and drinks. Both reunions have been smashing successes. Check out the website pages devoted to both to get a better feel for what transpires.

How can I get in touch with other alumni on the current list?
Reach out to the Alumni Coordinator. He will help you with the data that he has.

I want to find someone that I have lost touch with. What can I do?
Reach out to Alumni Coordinator. He will help to the best of his ability.

I know where other alumni are. How can I bring them into the loop?
Have them email Alumni Coordinator, or give him their email or phone number. He will follow up.

I have pictures from when I was at camp. How do I get them on the site?
Please scan them as .jpg files and email to the Alumni Coordinator. Otherwise, email the Alumni Coordinator, and he will provide a mailing address to which you can forward the actual pictures. He will scan and send them back to you.

I have old copies of the Chickawah Chirps, song books or other paper documents. How do I get them on the site?
Same as with pictures, except that in this case, all documents should be converted to .pdf files.

What if I don't understand any of the above?
Ask your counselor.


Alumni Coordinator: Jeff Grant

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